Eagle = King of the Sky

Lion = King of the Land

You = King of Your Life


Our Story


Two Guys, Elijah and Jermaine from Harvey, Illinois, met on the wrestling team and immediately connected over their shared hunger for something bigger. Jermaine went on to serve in the military while Elijah worked warehouse jobs, yet their drive never faded.  


Reflecting on their brand’s inception, Elijah recalled, “We wanted to encourage people to become the best version of themselves.”


So, we resolved to give people a visual reminder of their abilities to make their dreams come true and claim their crown. So, in an attempt to break out of our routines and make a difference, we took the leap and created our own clothing brand.


Naturally, we turned to the most powerful creatures for inspiration. The eagle remains the king of the sky, while the lion secures the king of the land. The king of your life? That title belongs to you. This marked the start of Official Kingdom.


Founded in 2019, Official Kingdom is a luxury streetwear brand that empowers you to believe in yourself and take control of your destiny. We work hard to ensure that when you choose to wear our pieces, every decision that follows is a step in the right direction.


Our clothing grants you the opportunity to make things happen with complete confidence. Made of refined fabrics, our clothes are designed to withstand any circumstance, making them staples in your wardrobe. We pride ourselves on our unique designs, which reflect your individuality and need for unfettered self-expression. So, while wearing our garments, you can trust that you’ll be motivated to do something great each time you glance in the mirror.


Join us at the Official Kingdom, where everyone can dress themselves in high-quality clothing that makes a positive lasting impression in any setting.



Our Mission:

At Official Kingdom, we provide high-quality streetwear that allows our customers to express their unique style and personality.


Our Vision:

We aim to cultivate a community of confident individuals who uplift and motivate one another to achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose.